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Helpful Information

Helpful Info

Collision repairs on your terms

Don’t feel frustrated after your auto accident; bring your car to our family owned and operated team at Mastercraft Auto Body. Many insurance companies will try to make you take your car to certain auto shops in order to save them money, while you are left with poor, generic service and rushed repairs. You have the right to take your car to any auto body shop and should make the choice based on quality work and customer service.

We work with your auto insurance

  • Mastercraft works with all insurance companies, you simply establish your claim and give us your claim information and we can usually handle the rest for you.
  • We work “direct” for some of the major carriers, ask your insurance company to check if Mastercraft if on their approved list, let them know you want to use us to do the repairs and we can send them our estimate directly, in some cases get approval the same day.
  • Rental car arrangements, no need to arrange a ride to the rental facility or deal with airport agencies, we can set up your rental car to have it here when you drop off your vehicle for repairs.
  • Aftermarket parts price matching program – When an insurance company has included “more cost effective” parts on your repair estimate, some of the OEM manufacturers are willing to provide original factory parts at the lower aftermarket prices. Ask us if this may be an option for you. (We cannot guarantee a price match because not all manufacturers participate in this program.)
  • If you have questions during any part of the process, call us we will be glad to answer them.

Never let an insurance company bully you into choosing the auto shop they prefer. We will take care of your car and you after your accident so you get back on the road safely.

HOUSE BILL #5152 of the State of Connecticut Insurance law provides that;


This means that an insurance company cannot force you use one of their preferred shops as a condition of the repairs being paid for. Some will lead you to believe that your repairs won’t be guaranteed, that you may have to pay more out of pocket or repairs will be delayed if you do not utilize one of their approved shops. This is simply not true and may be a tactic to get you to go to one of their shops.

For your own piece of mind, Mastercraft’s guarantee covers all of our repairs*, regardless of any agreement with an insurance company and even if you are paying out-of-pocket. We make every effort to schedule repairs so that your time without your vehicle is minimized. We also go over the damage estimate with the insurance company and reach a mutual agreement prior to beginning the repairs, so there is no question on the cost.

We are also “direct” with several insurance companies, that means the insurance company and Mastercraft work together to make the claims process easier for you – our mutual customer. They make sure we have the proper equipment and skilled personnel to make sure repairs are done properly and to industry standards. They also back our guarantee – so if you have your car repaired and move to an area where you may not be able to come to us to address any issues – they will recommend another network shop in your area that will correct the issue at no charge to you.

Ask us about other benefits of the direct repair programs specific to your insurance company.

Insurance claims and collision repairs, made easy. Don’t feel frustrated after an accident, we know you don’t do this every day – since we do, you can trust that we will handle your insurance claim and complete your repairs efficiently and with the quality and customer service that you deserve.